Season 1 - Clow Card series Season 1 - Clow Card series

Season 1

  1. Sakura and the Mysterious Book We're introduced to The Boys. Touya teases Sakura and gets stomped on, twice. Yuki is nice to Sakura and Touya makes puppy-dog eyes at him

  2. Sakura's Wonderful Friend Yuki should leave his shirt's top button undone more often. ^^;

  3. Sakura's Heart-Throbbing First Date Yuki makes up of excuses to go visit Touya at work.

  4. Sakura's Exhausting Sunday Yuki eats. A lot. And he thinks up excuses to visit Touya at his job again.

  5. Sakura, the Panda and the Cute Store

  6. Sakura and the Memory of her Mother Yuki and Touya have a heart to heart.

  7. Sakura's First Challenge as a Thief Yuki is looking for Touya at God-only-knows what hour of the night.

  8. Sakura's Rival Appears Touya is hot when he's angry. And Yuki is cute when he's clueless.

  9. Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch Yuki teases Touya about Sakura and holds his hand for 8 whole seconds. (I counted 'em, yes I did!)

  10. Sakura and A Flowery Athletics Meet Yuki spends time with his boyfriend's family.

  11. Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Big House Yuki comes over so he can watch Touya washing the car, with a big hose in his hands (what???!! he does!)

  12. Sakura's One Endless Day Yuki spends the night with Touya. They say they're studying.

  13. Sakura and Elephant's Strength Contest I seriously doubt someone can be as clueless as Yukito at the end of this episode... must be thinking about To-ya that does that to his brain.

  14. Sakura, Touya, and Cinderella * All around wonderful episode: Touya in drag as Cinderella and Yuki as the Enchanted Canned Mackerel (which replaces the more common Fairy Godmother in most cinderellas). Also known as, Murasaki Discovers That Touya and Yuki Are a Thing.

  15. Sakura and Kero's Big Fight

  16. Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories Fujitaka gives Touya and Yuki his blessing (well, he does!). And Yuki gets to be on top. ^.^

  17. Sakura's Scary Courage Test

  18. Sakura, Yukito, and the Summer Festival Yuki/Toya + Sakura/Tomoyo + Tsukimine Shrine = double date!

  19. Sakura and the Summer Vacation Homework Yuki hangs out at Touya's hose.

  20. Sakura and the Fighting Exchange Student

  21. Sakura's Long Marathon To-ya and Yuki go on a bike date.

  22. Sakura and Her Kind Father Yuki does things for Touya, because he is a Good Boyfriend.

  23. Sakura, Tomoyo, and Lovely Songs Second time that we see Yuki spend the night with Touya.

  24. Sakura's Mini Great Adventure Yuki and Touya hang out at Touya's house and spend most of their time looking cute. At the very end Touya takes a shower and looks hot.

  25. Sakura and Another Sakura * Touya feeds pancakes to Yuki. While in bed.

  26. Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher @.@ Things are not right when Touya makes eyes at anyone other than Yuki!

  27. Sakura and the Shrine of Memories What? Touya had a life before Yuki??? gasp

  28. Sakura and the Incantation Cards

  29. Sakura's Sweet Cooking

  30. Sakura and the Injured Card Touya used to run, and Yuki liked to watch him. And he still likes to tease To-ya.

  31. Sakura and the Nameless Book

  32. Sakura, Kero, Shaolin, and...

  33. Sakura's Cold Ice-skating Yuki spends the night with Touya. Again. While Fujitaka is away from home at a dig or whatever... I wonder if he knows what his son does when he's not home winkwink

  34. Sakura, Yukito and the Daytime Moon * Yuki falls over a cliff and Touya is worried. Much gratuitous finger contact, and Touya perhaps kisses Yuki's hair (you can see this if you watch it in slow motion).

  35. Sakura's Wonderful Christmas Yuki's b-day is on Xmas. I wonder what Touya got him?