Season 2 - Clow Card series Season 2 - Clow Card series

Season 2

  1. Sakura and a Snowy New School Year Touya wishes that Yuki had called him so he could have gone over and, er, fixed his bike. Riiiiiiight, /that/ is why he wanted to go.

  2. Sakura and Tomoyo's Vanished Voice

  3. Sakura's Merry Strawberry Hunt * Touya acts like a Jealous Boyfriend. They don't discuss Kaho, but he has something he wants to tell Yuki (except he chickens out).

  4. Sakura's Dizzy Fever Day Touya basically tells Kaho he doens't like her anymore (not tha she still likes him or anything... or that she ever loved him... ). Yuki tells him to call if he needs anything.

  5. Sakura and the Sakura in the Dream Misleading dream sequence where Touya tells Yuki to treat his sister right. @_@

  6. Sakura, Shaoran, and a Sea of Sand

  7. Sakura's Pitch-Dark Literary Fest Yuki and Touya on a date. I bet they held hands during the play. Oh, and a cute little flashback to DragQueen!Touya.

  8. Sakura's Farewell to Meilin Yuki has dinner with his boyfriend and his tousan-in-law (Sakura already ate).

  9. Sakura, Kero, and the Mysterious Teacher Yuki and Kaho battle it out for Touya's love under cover of an archery contest. LOL, not really. But Yuki wins. On both accounts.

  10. Sakura and the Last Clow Card YUE!! Nuff said. XD

  11. Sakura and the Last Judgment Touya is very smart. Touya knew all along about Yuki/Yue. And he didn't care. Because Touya loves Yuki/Yue.