Season 3 - Sakura Card series Season 3 - Sakura Card series

Season 3

  1. Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student Also known as Some Skank is Putting the Moves on To-ya! or Damn, To-ya Eating a Popsicle Should Be NR17.

  2. Sakura and the Awakened Key of Star * Touya tries to tell Yuki something while they're watching the rain, but they're interrupted. And Yuki tells Touya he has very good eye...sight. Right. Eyesight. Sure, Yuki.

  3. Sakura and the Dangerous Piano Touya is looking all melancholic until Yuki comes back to have lunch with him... after having bought everything in the store, I might add. Touya once again tries to confess.

  4. Sakura, Shaoran, and the Invisible Threads

  5. Sakura and the Huge Teddy Bear Oh you poor, clueless thing. Sakura, hon, when will you realize Yukito's gay??

  6. Sakura's Sheep Warning?! * THE TREE SCENE!!!*dies*

  7. Sakura and the Panic Bicycle Touya steals Sakura's shrimp. No Yuki in this episode.

  8. Sakura and a Calendar of Memories Touya has one hell of an Oedipus complex. Good thing Yuki kinda looks like Nadeshiko. Holds the dubious honor of having the only ugly animation I've ever seen on CCS.

  9. Sakura in Wonderland Touya is a very sexy Mad Hatter. Guess who the White Rabbit is. ^^

  10. Sakura, Kero, and a Candy Encounter?? Touya and Yuki are on a date and Nakuru is a third wheel.

  11. Sakura, Shaoran, and the Elevator Yuki makes Touya and Sakura cookies. Lots of cookies.

  12. Sakura and The Pair's Real Pinch Yue is cute and has issues. He spends the night at the Kinomoto household, only not in Touya's room. O.o

  13. Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Ball Trap

  14. Sakura and Her Precious Friend

  15. Sakura, Card, and Present Touya angsts a little over Yuki (well, he angsts about as much as anyone, short of Yue, ever does in CCS). He's getting desperate. Oh, and incidently he is a Gentleman Who Hold Doors Open for the Love of His Life. Then he flirts with the Mirror Card for a bit.

  16. Sakura and the Mysterious Fortune * Yummy, angsting To-ya. Yuki faints, Touya finds him and holds him really really close.

  17. Sakura, the Pool, and the Big Wave Who needs Baywatch when you've got Touya and Yuki working at the indoor beach! Plus, Touya is losing it because Yuki is disappearing. I also happen to think this is when he figures out how to save him.

  18. Sakura and the Snow-blowing Ski School No Touya/Yuki. At all. >_<

  19. Sakura, Yukito, and Disappearing Power * Also known as THE Episode. The Power Transfer scene, aka the That Definitely Has Subliminal Orgasmic Connotations scene.

  20. Sakura's Most Beloved Person * ^.^ Touya loves Yuki and Yuki loves him right back.

  21. Sakura, Shaoran, and Tsukimine Shrine * Touya and Yuki are obviously an official couple now.

  22. Sakura, the Past, and Clow Reed Yue always had issues. And he throws a hissy fit (well, it would have beena hissy fit is he wasn't so repressed).

  23. Sakura and Clow Reed Has Shown It looks like Yue kinda likes Touya. ^.~

  24. Sakura and the True Feeling Yuki says the best thing about existing is having met Touya (only not in so many words).