Scenes Hint of Lime

Eventually I'd like to have screencaps of every episode... of course, with my lack of time, that's probably wishful thinking on my part, but a girl can dream.

The Oops, I seem to have fallen on To-ya! scene - Episode 34

Touya is worried because it's very late, the contest is long over, and Yuki and Sakura haven't returned. It turns out that Sakura fell over a cliff because she was staring at the moon too much (Sakura: "Oohh!!! Shiny!!") and Yuki went after her, breaking her fall and hurting his leg in the process. Moon Magnet Boy(™Val)'s face as they finally arrive is priceless. Then Yuki "accidently" (heh! yeah right!) falls right into Touya's arms, and much gratuitous finger contact ensues while Touya looks tenderly at Yuki.

The Tree scene - Episode 52

This is my favorite scene in all of CCS. I had to suppress the urge to scream in delight by bitig down on a pillow, then I had to be scooped of the floor with a spatula. ^^; Anyway, Yuki dozes off against a tree in the school yard, and wakes up when he hears a worried Touya call his name. Touya proceeds to lean up against the tree, with his arm just above Yuki's shoulder, while attempting once again to tell him... something. ^.~

What I love about this scene is the play between an incredibly sexy Touya and an adorably vulnerable Yuki.

The Hug scene - Episode 62

Moon Magnet Boy™ goes to look for Yuki, because he failed to meet him and his family at Tsukimine Shrine on New Year's, and finds Yuki unconscious at his home. He rushes over to him and scoops him up into his arms, and a very confused Yuki regains conscioussness and says he was just really sleepy. This is when Touya sees that Yuki's hand is visibly fading away already.

This time he doesn't try to tell Yuki anything. He just holds him very tigthly, his face full of pain.