Spanish Hint of Lime

For those that don't know, I'm latinamerican. I came to CCS through the mexican dub that airs on the Latinamerican Cartoon Network. For those of you who are saddled with the horrible disaster that is the english dub... the mexican version is something else altogether. They don't change names and they don't butcher the storyline. The only real departure from the original japanese that I've caught is that they don't say that Kaho was Touya's substitute (if you don't pay attention to details such as how she has to be older if she's Sakura's teacher now, you could believe she was Touya's classmate).

As for dialogue... they don't really change what is said, what does change sometimes is the way things are said... and IMHO, for Touya/Yuki fans, this works to the show's advantage. Touya and Yuki's scenes are romantic and sweet anyway, but the mexican dub... I'll just repeat what Val said when I showed her the tree scene: "Probably the most shounen ai-ish translation one could get from those lines...".

In that particular scene, Touya tells Yuki he doesn't want him to disappear... in the mexican version, what he says is this:

"I couldn't endure it if you left my side... stay." ("No soportaría que te marches de mi lado... quédate.")

I don't know about you, but that makes me a very happy shounen ai fan.

And I'll let you in on a little secret about this version of CCS... it doesn't stop at wording pre-existing dialogue so the effect is heightened... they add a bit themselves. Just before Touya gives Yue his power, he tells the Guardian that he's a lot like Yuki. Well, in the mexican dub, when they pan to Yue's face to get his reaction to those words, Touya continues by saying "that's why I like you".

I'll stop now while all the Yue fans pick themselves up from the floor and stop screaming. =^.^=