FAQ Hint of Lime

I love e-mail! =^.^= However, to save us both time, please read though this before e-mailing me any questions. If it doesn't answer your question, then go ahead and e-mail me with whatever it is. Thanks.

F.A.Q. (or just questions I don't want to have to write e-mails about)

  1. Are you mexican? (This the single question I get asked most often, believe it or not)

No, I'm not. I'm costarican.

  1. Why is the Cartoon Network logo in the corner of your screencaps?

Because the Latinamerican Cartoon Network airs the mexican dub of CCS. For those that missed the section on it, the mexican dub is wonderful.

  1. When is the next chapter of WTMY going to be posted?

I do't have a clue. In case you haven't noticed, my interest in CCS in general has decreased of late. I think that after a year, I said most of what I wanted to say about Touya and Yuki's relationship. Either that or I overdosed. Anyway, at this point I don't know if I'll write more WTMY. Sorry. It's not really my fault. Touya sort of started giving me the silent treatment because I kept refusing to let him screw Yuki. ^^

  1. Do you enjoy torturing readers with so much UST?

Yes, very much. I'm twisted that way.

  1. Why don't you update more often?

Again, I think I've said most of what I wanted to say about Touya and Yuki at this point, so I've sort of moved on to other manga related obsessions. Those new obsessions (namely Fuuma and X) take up most of my online time. I promise I'll get off my ass sometime and finish Nadeshiko and Kaho's profiles though. ^^

  1. Can I submit fanfics/fanart?

I'm flattered if you want me to host your stuff, but I decided not to have an open submissions policy anymore. Mostly because of that lack of time issue I mentioned... writting my own stuff takes up enough of my time.

This doesn't mean I won't ever post something that isn't mine. But I'll ask the author myself, if I really like the story and/or they don't have their own page.

  1. Can you link my site?

Please please please don't ask me this. I'm very picky about what sites I link to, and I don't want to have to explain to anyone why I won't link to their site. If you want me to see your site, send me the URL or sign my guestbook. I might decide to link it if I /really/ like it.

  1. Why don't you make a spanish version of this site?

Because the thought of translating it all into spanish makes me want to hide under a rock. Again, I just don't have the /time/ to do that. Perhaps someday I will, but not in the inmediate future.

  1. What's the "snowpeach" in the URL for?

The kanji in Yuki's name mean "snow bunny". The kanji in Touya's contain "peach blossom". Nuff said.

  1. I watched episode 16, when the &*% did Yukito "get to be on top"??!

Um, again with the ecchi fangirlishness. They're outside reading. Touya is sitting against a tree trunk, and Yuki is on a hamock. Which is hanging from Touya's tree. So he's on top. =^.^=

  1. MoonMagnet Boy™? Huh?

LOL! That's a nickname that Val came up with for Touya, for reasons which should be fairly obvious. It was an offhand sort of comment, but I liked it and it stuck.

  1. What other series do you like?

I like anything with bishounen in it... and if there's the possibility of slash, so much the better. ^^;

Currently my favorite series are Prince of Tennis, X, and Saiyuki.

  1. Did you know the navigation system on your index page doesn't work?

Correction: the navegation on my index page doesn't work if you're using Netscape. It works just fine in IE.

  1. Don't you care that it doesn't work on Netscape?

No, as a matter of fact I don't. Designing with Netscape is limiting, and I do this for fun. If you like using Netscape, then just navigate the site through the site map.

  1. When is Cartoon Network LA airing Sakura? I can't find it! (¿A qué horas está pasando Cartoon Network Sakura?)

It's not. It's airing Corrector Yui instead now. >.<