U2 Hint of Lime

Yes, I'm a very obsessive cookie, and no, my obsessions are not just related to anime. I like U2. As in, really really like. And for some reason, a lot of their songs seem to fit Touya and Yuki... I don't know, maybe it's just me being obsessive again. Anyway, here's a list of all the the subtle and not-so-subtle U2 references in this site, in case anyone actually cares. ^^;

♥ The title: The Sweetest Thing If anyone missed /this/ one, you either don't like U2, or you're asleep. It's what started the insanity. I wanted to do a site to Touya and Yuki (I'd outgrown my first site, and the cute couple had been messing with my head since I started watching CCS on the Latinamerican Cartoon Network). Anyway, I kicked around ideas for names, none of which I even really remember... until the day I listened to The Sweetest Thing while writting up content, and it hit me how incredibly appropiate the title was them. And of course, it does mention a blue-eyed boy.

♥ Stay: angels, anyone? My all-time favorite U2 song is Stay (Faraway, So Close!). It happens to be related to yet another running obsession of mine... angels (I'm not really going to go into the subject of Wym Wenders and his wonderful movies because then I'd never finish and I'd get really off-topic). Suffice it to say, this song was already a candidate for sneaking in here because of said references and Yue. But what really got me whenI stopped and thought about it is how incredibly appropiate the lyrics are for Yuki's situation in the 3rd season... not to mention Touya's feelings about it.

♥ One: we're one but we're not the same... The first fic I wrote was Not The Same. Now, I swear I was /not/ thinking of U2 when I started it, but someone at YnH pointed out that it reminded her of a particular line of One, and did I like U2? So then I just decided to go with it. By the end of it, Touya is listening to U2 songs when moping and feeling sorry for himself about his problem with Yuki.

♥ Stuck in a Moment Val sugested Stuck in a Memory as the title for the (yet to be posted/finished) Kaho chapter of WTMY... needless to ask why, I trust.