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This section exists because obsessive fans just can't leave a good thing alone. ^.^ Requisitive warning (or pehaps bait): things marked \* are lemons/lime. In case you don't know, that means hot, yaoi sex, explicit or implied, respectively.

Originally this page included both my own fic as well as others' that I'd goten permission to post. I will be adding it back, starting with my own... however, I will start with my own newer fics, I have yet to decide how much of the older fic I want to put up here. They were the first ship I wrote fanfic for, some of it is... not great.

My fics

Being obssesed with them as I am, it figures I'd have fanfics, right? I've been writting a lot lately, and I don't always have time to update the site, so if you like these and want to read my latest stuff, it's posted at CLAMPesque.

CLAMPesque sadly is no more, and hasn't been for a long time. You can find my fic at AO3.

Christmas dates Dec 24, 2020 Chapters: 1/2

Touya and Yukito have plans for Christmas (it's totally a date, even if they didn't technically call it that when they made plans), and Touya worries about Sakura being hurt because of her feelings for Yukito.

Set after episode 35.

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Isolated incidents Dec 3, 2020

Touya and Yukito's friendship was close and unusually physical. Things were bound to evolve, and casual touches became less casual, and sometimes involved kissing. Neither was particularly inclined to directly address these incidents for some time..

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