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Note: I originally made this site back in 2001. If parts feel dated, that is why. For the most part, I have not changed or edited what I wrote back then. Any exceptions will be noted. Click here to read more.

This site was born to give my favorite anime/manga couple some much deserved and (I think) long overdue attention. As for the title, love certainly qualifies as "the sweetest thing"... And if the ones in love happen to be two adorable and cute boys, well, so much the better. And if those boys happen to be Touya and Yukito... what more could you possibly want?

The content of the site is written under the assumption that anyone finding him or herself here has at least a basic knowledge of who To-ya and Yuki are and of the role they play in Card Captor Sakura. To be honest, if you're looking for very basic information, your best bet is probably to go somewhere like Clow Card Quest, but i'm certainly not going to tell anyone to go away... click here if if you want a bit of background information about CCS.

Once you know the basics, falling in love with them is easy. All you need is an open mind.


I "discovered" Touya and Yukito by my third Card Captor Sakura episode. By discover, I'm referring, of course, to their relationship. It was the Cinderella episode, and I actually thought that they might be setting Touya up for a girlfriend. Been there, seen that. Then Touya lets down his would-be suitress... by saying he's already in love. I blinked. Then Touya walks away from the girl.

The person he walks to is Yukito. Well, actually, to Yukito and Sakura and Tomoyo and Syaoran. But then Yukito goes off to dance with Sakura... and Touya stares after them. Thoughtfully. Wistdfully... Some would even say he makes lost puppy dog eyes after Yuki. In any case...

"Wait a second... did they just imply that it's YUKITO he's in love with??!"

I was speechless. I was delighted. I realized that Card Captor Sakura was much more than just a cutesy anime to be watched casually. From that day on I watched Sakura diligently, for the sole purpose of catching those deep, subtle hints about the true nature of their relationship. Along the way I discovered all the other little things that hide behind the surface of Card Captor Sakura, and ended up falling in love with it all. But To-ya and Yuki remain the highlight of the show for me. Ultimately, their story didn't just hook me to Card Captor Sakura. It lead me to the rest of CLAMP's manga... and if you're not familiar with the CLAMP mangaka, believe me, you NEED them in your life. You need strange stories that can move you to laughter and tears in the space of a few pages. You need Sakurazuka Seishirou and Sumeragi Subaru and their obssesive, destructive love affair. Not to mention Fuuma. One must never underestimate the power of a sadistic, absolutely ruthless, and definetly ecchi studmuffin like Fuuma.

But I'm digressing. This site is my tribute to CLAMP's teenage lovebirds. For a change, no typically clampish torture, blood, or betrayal (although all those things have their place ^.^). Just two boys that found love and support in each others' arms. I love them for the dimension they bring to the show, and because of what their relationship says about the nature of love and sexuality in general. The world needs more things that teach us not just to nod in casual acceptance at the differences in others, but that the "road less travelled" is no less noble, no less valid, and ultimately no less fullfilling than any other.

...Well. that, and the fact that I'm a shounen ai junkie. ^.^

Spoiler free free

I don't believe it's possible to do an in-depth analysis of Touya and Yukito's relationship and remain spoiler-safe. The single most poignant moment in their relationship (coughpower transfer!cough cough) comes about as a result of a spoiler and ends in yet another spoiler. Gomen nasai, I can't NOT talk about it.

If you don't want to know, then by all means stay away from Identity Crisis, the last two sections of Hint of Lime, and everything in Girl Talk (except for the essay on Youko). The rest of the site isn't so bad, but hints and references might show up at any time. You have been warned.

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Enjoy your stay... ^.^