20 Years Later 20 Years Later

Late November, 2020

I first encountered Cardcaptor Sakura in late November 2001, almost exactly 20 years to the day of when I'm writing this. I made this site in the following year. Eventually that original layout stopped working, and I made a quickie div based CSS layout to replace it. At the time, I also put the Touya/Yukito fanlisting on this website (remember fanlistings??). For reasons I frankly can't remember, I didn't put the entire content of the website on this second incarnation.

Flash forward to 2020. It's been quite a year, right? A few months ago, amidst a resurgence of my love for CLAMP (this happens every so often), I decided that I really liked that first layout for this site, and wouldn't it be cool to recreate that layout, according to modern web development standards (meaning make it work on a mobile phone, among other things) and to put all the content back in. And so I did. And here we are.

Feed Yuki! The original layout for this site
Feed Yuki! The second layout for this site

The content

Of course, in rebuilding the website, I reread the content. It's interesting, because in almost everything, I feel the same way now as I did back then (been rewatching the anime, and in broadstrokes, I've found that my livetweets are pretty an echo of the little blurbs on the episode guide). I just probably wouldn't express it in quite the same way. After some back and forth with myself, I decided that I wasn't going to rewrite things. Let this be a time capsule of sorts, and if the way I wrote about things back then is a bit too yaoi fangirl overenthusiastic silliness, well, so be it. But I did decide to take out the random words in Japanese strewn around. Make it more readable.

As I read, however, certain other things came up. Most notable was the section I'd titled "Girl Talk" which was about the women and girls in Touya and Yukito's lives and which included Akizuki Nakuru. I did note that Nakuru wasn't, strictly speaking, a girl, but I still put the character in there and referred to them as "she/her". Truth is, back then we didn't have the vocabulary for speaking about gender that we do now, and I didn't have the knowledge of nuances in this regard that I do now. So that section is now "Others", and I am rewriting the Nakuru page.

There was also the way I expressed myself about Kaho Mizuki, which was very yaoi fangirl has knee-jerk reaction to female character that is perceived as a threat. This is silly, obviously, in the CCS canon Kaho is not a threat to this ship at all, and hating on female characters is not a great look regardless of whether they're "threats" or not (and the idea of a ship being a threat to another ship is silly to begin with). So I've edited that stuff as well.