Basics Basics

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the hot young couple, but decide to stick it out, here is some very basic background information: Kinomoto Touya and Tsukishiro Yukito are two of the most prominent supporting characters of Card Captor Sakura (I can't really recall even one episode where they don't make at the very least a quick cameo).

Card Captor Sakura is the creation of a group of manga artists called CLAMP, it began as a manga and later got turned into an anime. It's a shoujo series, which means that it's aimed at a female audience and that consequently it stresses the emotional aspect of the story. It's also a magical girl story, meaning that its protagonist is an otherwise normal girl who for one reason or another has been endowed with magical powers that she uses to defend the world from whatever happens to be threatening it in her general vicinity. Yes, like Sailormoon, which is probably the most well-known in the genre. And no, Card Captor Sakura doesn't have much in common with Sailormoon apart from genre.

The heroine of this particular shoujo series is ten year old Kinomoto Sakura, who one fine day finds an old book among her father's things... and accidently sets free the magic locked within in the form of the Clow Cards. Now it's her job to capture them (hence the term "card captor") and seal them again before they can cause too much mayhem and hijinks (I'm playing it down, they can do more than just mayhem and hijinks).

Animated gif of Touya feeding Yukito

Now for our boys. Touya is Sakura's sexy older brother. The operative word being sexy. This boy is FINE. Yukito is introduced in the first episode as Touya's best friend and Sakura's object of affection (well, hers and several others'). Within very few episodes anyone paying just a bit of attention will figure out that there's more to Touya and Yukito's relationship than friendship. This is what's called shounen ai ("boys' love") and it's present to a lesser or greater degree in CLAMP's series. In the case of Card Captor Sakura, the homosexual implications tend to be very subtle, but also fairly widespread (I'd say half the cast has at the very least been attracted to someone of the same gender at one point or another). As for Touya and Yukito, the hints vary in strenght, but you have to be either blind or totally clueless to not figure it out once you've seen scenes like the one to your left. ^.^

So do they ever get together? As a matter of fact, they do, late in the series. Makes you feel all fuzzy inside. ^.^