Touya Touya

Do dark, mysterious boys who always seem just a tad unreachable turn your knees to jelly? If so, look no further than Kinomoto Touya. Tall, with hair perpetually tousled and a tan to die for, Touya is to Card Captor Sakura what Johnny Depp was to 21 Jump Street (yes, I got stuck in the late 80s/early 90s, so sue me!). He is a perfect example of that rarest and utterly irresistable archtype: the guy whose rough exterior serves the sole purpose of hiding a soul too sensitive to show the world; the one who excels at keeping the world at arm's length... but that, once one manages to slip past the barriers, will prove gentle and tender beyond your wildest dreams. Personally, I'm not really sure such guys exist in real life... but we've got Touya to console ourselves! ^.^

Touya is seventeen years old at the beginning of CCS, yet he seems much more mature than that, a fact which is in all probability due to his mother's death when he was 10 years old. After her death, Touya was pretty much forced to grow up, and very quickly. His father Fujitaka is obviously a very loving man who would give the world for his son and daughter, but the Kinomotos are (and were) hardly rich and his job places great demands on his time, so Touya had to pick up the slack left in his mother's abscence. And this includes basically managing the household, working a wide variety of part-time jobs and taking care of his little sister Sakura. It's through Touya's interaction with Sakura that one most clearly sees his true nature: he teases her mercilessly and just generally treats her in a very big brotherly, even dry manner; yet this behavior is nothing but a mask for a deep, if somewhat ruefull, love. It's almost as if Touya doesn't QUITE know what to do with so much affection, so he just bottles it up inside. It's really very sweet to watch it come bubbling to the surface.

Touya is in many ways extraordinary, and this does NOT apply simply to his looks and character. He also has the ability to see spirits. In a way this means that for him, his mother never really left, and I think that it was still being able to count on her love and support that enabled him to rise to the challenges he was forced to meet. Of course, this gift of his had a double edge, and at the same time that it was a source of strenght, it also set him forever apart from almost everyone else. He grew up concious of being somehow different from the rest, he sensed that most of the world was intrinsically incapable of understanding him. Perhaps it was an instinctive reaction, or perhaps it was a way to cut his losses, whatever the case may be, Touya became a loner. He is very popular, a good student, a great athlete, and the girls consider him as the school's most handsome and elligible bachellor ("bachellor"... Hee! ^.~), yet with one glaring exception, he doesn't really have many friends. Touya is simply the sort of guy that never really lets people get close to him.

As always, the exception proves the rule, and there have been just two people who have managed to slip past Touya's defenses and make their way straight to his soul. One of them was Mizuki Kaho, his first love (well, first "love", anyway... I'd rather believe it was a case of friendship masquerading as puppy love. But then again, I'd probably spit on anyone that refused to acknowldge that now that Touya has found his soulmate, his one TRUE love, everything that passed before simply DOES NOT COUNT). Kaho was an older woman who could give him, above all else, understanding, since she herself had psychic powers. I think he felt like it was okay to let his guard down for the first time with her. So Kaho did what any heterosexual woman past the age of puberty would do and snatched up the young hottie. She loved him for a year, and then broke his heart and left Japan. "The next time we meet," she told him "you and I will both be in love with someone else."

If you have no clue about who the second person to get under Touya's skin is, that "someone else" Kaho spoke of, then you need to go back and take a long, hard look at the home page of this site. O.o