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Things I wish hadn't been axed in the move from manga to anime

♥ Touya on a motorcycle. drool

♥ Yuki in black, mock turtleneck shirts. /Sexy/!

♥ Yuki riding on the back of Touya's bike.

♥ Kimonos at Tsukimine Shrine.

♥ Fujitaka having a heart-to-heart with Touya about his relationship with Kaho.

♥ At the end of said heart-to-heart, Touya banging his head against the table in frustration over Kaho. Kawaii!

♥ Kaho actually being funny and likeable.

♥ More to the point: Kaho bonding with Yuki and teasing Touya about him.

♥ Yuki being (if possible) even cuter.

♥ Touya being just as sexy and hot... and managing to be breathtakingly /beautiful/ as well.

♥ After the Judgement, Yuki transforming back only to faint... right into Touya's arms. =^.^=

♥ During the Tree Scene, Touya leans his hand against the tree and then slides it /behind/ Yuki's shoulders.

♥ Nakuru attempting to get a kiss (or Touya's powers, either works) in return for Valentine's Day chocolates... and Touya telling her to give them to someone else, because I decided I already have somenone I like. XD!!

♥ Touya taking Yuki home when he faints on the way back from school and laying him down to rest on /his/ bed.

♥ Touya and Yuki staring at the table awkwardly during dinner later that day, then looking up and simultaneously saying each other's names. (That's gotta be the cutest thing I've /ever/ seen).

♥ Touya carrying Yuki to the school infimary in his arms (before the power transfer).

♥ Yuki unconsciously grabbing Touya's shirt to stop him from going with Nakuru (power transfer scene), and the answering look in Touya's eyes.

♥ Touya's Wake-up Scene. Can I just ask /why/ the single most romantic T/Y scene was cut in the anime?? Sure, the conversation was moved to the next day, while they watched their movie... but having it while Touya is lying in bed, with his hand on Yuki's cheek is /so/ much more intimate. Not to mention, that it makes a whole lot more sense: in the manga, Yuki tells Sakura that he doesn't know exactly how Touya feels about him while Touya is /still asleep/, and they have their (long overdue) heart to heart /as soon/ as he wakes up. In the anime, Yuki watches over Touya while he sleeps, but evidently they don't discuss anything when he wakes, because the conversation happens the next day. And he comes off a lot more clueless because by the time he tells Sakura that he doesn't know how Touya feels /after/ said heart to heart. Let me tell you, that little difference in the timeline is a /bitch/ to explain for a fanfic writter.

♥ Touya looking like a certain onmyouji's long lost twin. (You know, an onmyouji who is probably angsting under a Tree right now).

♥ Touya's Thrasher t-shirt. Hee!

♥ Yuki's 'I want to become happy with you' t-shirt. Hee!

♥ Touya taking Sakura to say goodbye to Syaoran on his motorcycle. Because we see Motorcycle!Touya again and because it shows that he /can/ let go of his Overprotective Oniichan thing. When he wants to, that is.

The flipside

Things I wish Nanase Ohkawa had thought of for the manga

♥ Youko.

♥ Touya in drag.

♥ The Gratuitous Finger Contact episode, aka the Daytime Moon episode. Because it's just /full/ of T/Y fluff: Touya making eyes at Yuki as he hands him the card thingy with the stamp, Touya worried about Yuki. Touya making lost puppydog eyes at Yuki (again) when Yuki and Sakura finally appear, Yuki falling into Touya's arms!! ^o^ Touya holding Yuki, Touya perhaps kissing Yuki's hair, and of course, the gratuitous finger contact when he gives Yuki the pen.

♥ Touya and Yuki NOT discussing Kaho during the Strawberry episode (it's /such/ a couple thing! Awkwardness over an ex!).

♥ Touya's popsicle sucking. Yes, I know he also sucks popsicles in the manga. But he doesn't make a face /quite/ as suggestive. ^.~

♥ The piano scene at Seijuu. It was definitely on the right track... too bad they spat all over it with bad animation. >.<

♥ Touya flirting with the Mirror Card in episode 61.

♥ Getting to see how Yuki has Touya /totally/ wrapped around his little finger in the 2nd Cardcaptor Sakura Movie. ^^