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As I've said already, my first contact withTouya and Yuki was through the anime. It was purely a matter of accesibility: while CCS the anime is on twice a day on the Latinamerican Cartoon Network (I think it's in it's third round as I write this), the CCS /manga/ is quite a bit harder to get ahold of here. In fact, manga in general is quite rare inmy country. Anyway, as a result, I'd seen the whole anime before I ever bought a volume of the manga (I concentrated on getting X and TB first, because, the way I saw it, I could see CCS on TV, bu tfor those others I had to have the manga). Then I got my hands on it and I went WAIII!! Pretty!!! ^o^

Overall, I like the manga version a bit better. Stands to reason, since it's the way CLAMP originally intended it, I guess. Not that I like the anime any less now that I've seen the manga. It's just... it's cuter. And funnier. And most importantly, there's substantially more T/Y fluff in it (not to mention, it's more obvious).

Anyway, a lot of the content for this site was written before I got around to getting the manga. It's not that it's anime-only, because I didn't leave out things that I knew about the manga. But it certainly leans more in the direction of the anime. Not that after reading manga I changed my mind about the analysis or anything (after all, I knew a lot /about/ the manga), it's just that I refer to the anime timeline, and when there were differences in the way things happened (such as events leading up to the power transfer) I went with the anime version, afterall, I knew it a lot better.

Now that I've read the manga and compared it to its animated version, I've decided that I want a section on it. Because there /are/ differences, sometimes little, sometimes subtle, sometimes rather big, and in the end, those differences, and the fact that it was how CLAMP originally envisioned the story, made the extra effort of getting my hands on the manga more than worth it. In the manga, from the very beginning, everything is a little different. It's a little cuter, a little funnier, a little more shoujo (or more than a little). And the story itself is the same, but things happen a little differently too: the timelines, the way things happen, things like that. And what's true for the overall story is true for specific storylines too. Touya and Yuki's included.

So what /is/ different? Well there are differences in how their story is portrayed, and differences in the story itself. So let's tackle things one at a time, shall we?

The storytelling The manga is more shoujo. I suppose it's only natural that the anime would have to be more universally appealing (not that the CCS anime isn't just about the girliest thing on tv), after all, a book is a product to be sold one person at a time, selectively, while a tv show is sold to a mass audience all at once.

All that this means is that the manga is more blatantly romantic... and so is Touya and Yuki's story. The shounen ai is a lot more obvious, right from the beginning. How? Well, all those little things I talked about in Hint of Lime... there's more of them. And then some.

There's a lot more lost puppydog looks from both sides, not to mention a lot more physical signs of intimacy too... Touya doesn't touch Yuki's cheeks until late in the anime, but he's already doing that in the second volume of the manga... not to mention brushing leaves off Yuki's shoulder and standing about half a foot away from him half the time. Yuki is more physically affectionate as well.

And then there is the bike thing. In the anime, they ride their bikes to school together every morning. In the manga, Touya gives Yuki a ride to school on the back of /his/ bike every morning. ^.~

The story told Like I said, it's /basically/ the same. Most of the same scenes are there... it's just that just about /every/ one of them is at least slightly different. Perhaps it happens at a different point in time, at a different place, or i a different way.

Since everything is slightly different, I won't go into specifics. It would take too long I'll just explain a few points that I think are particularly important.

♥ The Kaho thing ♥ The basic facts are the same, but through the details Touya's relationship with Kaho comes across as subtly different. The main reason is Kaho herself. In the anime Kaho is basically a mysterious, somewhat aloof woman who, IMO, comes across as sort of an ice princess type (there are other names I'd like to call to call Anime!Kaho though). On the other hand, Manga!Kaho is a warm, funny character that I couldn't help but like. She teases Touya, she bonds with Yuki... she's sweet, even.

There's also the way they behave once she comes back to Tomoeda. In the anime, Kaho barely seems to know Touya is alive, and despite staring at her like she just sprouted a third eye, Touya doesn't do or say much of anything about her. In the manga, she really /does/ treat Touya as an ex-boyfriend who has become a friend. She teases him. She gently encourages his blossoming relationship with Yuki. And we actually get to see Touya trying to deal with his unresolved idues about her, in a very touching scene in which Fujitaka asks him what's going on, and then the two of them sit down with some tea to talk about what happened with Kaho. I love that scene. It shows how close Touya is to his father, and it shows that he /can/ open up, /if/ he trusts the person in question. Anothe bonus is that it's very cute to see Touya acting like a frustrated teenager. ^^x

♥ Guilty as charged ♥ The role of Youko in the anime is basically to make it clear that Touya isn't interested in the girls at school because he likes someone else. The way this happens is that she /asks/ him if there's someone else he likes, and he kind of reluctantly admits it. In the manga, there was never any Youko, but there's an equivalent scene. With Nakuru. Yes Nakuru.

Nakuru tries to give Touya a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day (and wants to get either/both a kiss or Touya's power in return). Touya deals with this by pushing her away (not roughly though) and saying "You should give those to someone else; I already have someone I like." Yes, it's similar. But the fact that he's willing to admit that he likes someone already, /without/ the girl having to drag it out of him with a spoon, makes a /big/ difference in my book.

♥ Confession at dinner (almost) ♥ There's a scene at the very beginning of episode 65, when Sakura, Touya and Yuki are having dinner at the Kinomoto's house, and Sakura gets up for a minute, leaving Touya to try (once again) to say something very important to Yukito. The equivalent of this scene is one of my favorites inthe entire manga, but the very thing that makes the scene just irresistable is missing in the anime.

One afternoon, Yuki falls asleep on the way home from school, so Touya takes him home and puts him to bed (in /Touya/'s bed, in case this wasn't clear). He's obviously very concerned about him. Later on, after dinner, Sakura leaves the table briefly, leaving Touya and Yuki alone. They proceed to stare awkwardly at the table for half a page. They obviously have things that they want to say to each other, but either they're scared to or they don't know how to bring them up. Finally, they look up and say each other's names. At once. I don't have the words to describe how cute it is.

♥ The power transfer and events inmediately after ♥ Then there are events inmediately before and after the power transfer, and the power transfer scene /itself/. The differences betweenmanga and anime are very subtle but very profound, and since thi spart will be /long/, I decided to do it another page.

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